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Have old t-shirts or beloved family member clothing? Want a way to preserve them while still being able to use them?  Then you need a T-Shirt Quilt, Baby Quilt or Memory Quilt!  We are here to help you keep your cherished clothing items together in a creative way!
Quilt Front: The front or back of your t-shirts sewn into one piece (each block is approximately 15 square inches)
Quilt Back: a neutral-colored (black, white, navy, khaki or gray) new sheet provided by us.
New! We now offer fleece backing (black, gray or navy).
Edging: Your choice of color provided by us. You may provide your own edging color, however discounts will not be applied.
  9 shirts Approximately 45 x 45 - lap quilt
12 shirts Approximately 45 x 60 - small throw
16 shirts Approximately 60 x 60 - large throw
20 shirts Approximately 60 x 75 - small twin bed quilt
24 shirts Approximately 60 x 90 - large twin bed quilt
25 shirts Approximately 75 x 75 - double bed quilt

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